Review of Robin Hood Bingo

Review of Robin Hood Bingo

“You play, we give away” is Robin Hood Bingo’s tagline. What kind of freebies are we discussing here? According to mythology, Robin Hood was a notorious bandit who was known for giving to the needy. Does Robin Hood Bingo do the same humanitarian actions? Nope. Free bingo games are provided to you, the fortunate player, in this instance.

Robin Hood Bingo is a site with a decent theme, or at least as good as it gets for this kind of site. A vibrant home page depicts a cartoon forest environment with numerous embellishments associated with the medieval legend of Robin Hood and his company of merry men. Nottingham Castle is barely seen in the backdrop, as Maid Marian prances around with a treasure box on her head. A joyful monk with a bald patch clutching a gold-filled satchel is also there. That is indeed Friar Tuck.

Regarding Robin Hood Bingo

Robin Hood Bingo claims to be the most popular new site of 2012. As nice as it is for 2012, what relevance does it have to the present year? It may have been the greatest website of 2012, but that was several years ago and much has changed since then. Why hasn’t this website, or at least the content on its homepage, been updated since then? Is this an example of sloth or incompetence? This site is managed by Cassava Enterprises Ltd, which operates so many bingo sites that it has likely lost count of them. To say the least, managing and updating that many websites must be a Herculean undertaking.

In addition to bingo, Robin Hood Bingo offers a variety of slot machines with large prizes, especially in the progressive gaming area. Of course, there is also money to be won playing bingo, and there is also free bingo for those who prefer not to spend their own money. There is also the possibility of earning more coins and credits by spinning Robin’s Prize Wheel. If you want to contact customer service while using the website, you may do so through phone or email.

Banking in Da Hood

When you’re ready to finance your Robin Hood Bingo account, you may use a credit or debit card such as MasterCard, a check, Neteller, a wire transfer, or PayPal. As is typically the case with sites operated by Cassava Enterprises, it is never precisely specified if all of them are deposit or withdrawal choices. In any event, withdrawal requests will be completed within 48 hours, followed by an average of two to three days for money to clear. However, wire transfers and credit cards that are not UK MasterCard will take longer. The website makes no mention of minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts.

Hood’s Benefits

When you join up with Robin Hood Bingo, you’ll get a 500% welcome bonus. You will get a £60 total to play with after depositing £10. This amount is subject to a threefold wagering requirement prior to withdrawal. In their first three days on the site, new players may win up to £1,000 by playing free bingo games. There is no deposit necessary to claim this promotion.

There is a £10 incentive for referring friends to Robin Hood Bingo, and there are coins to be gathered while you play. These coins function as a kind of customer loyalty program, since they can be redeemed for £1 in extra cash after you have accumulated 1,000 of them. You will gain coins for accomplishing activities such as introducing a friend, like the Robin Hood Facebook page, following the website on Twitter, etc. Although Robin Hood Bingo’s website may seem to have not been updated since 2012, it maintains active social media outlets.

Innovative Bingo

At Robin Hood Bingo, there are an abundance of bingo games to play. The two most prominent game kinds are 75-ball and 90-ball. Each of them is accompanied with descriptive text related to Robin Hood. You’d think it would be impossible or at least difficult to relate bingo with the concept of Robin Hood, but it’s astonishing what bingo operators can come up with in their desire to identify the game with any subject imaginable.

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